Apple’s iPhone 14 Doesn’t Have 120Hz, Cause Can’t Keep Production Capacity?

Apple’s iPhone 14 Doesn’t Have 120Hz, Cause Can’t Keep Production Capacity?

This year’s iPhone 14 may not be fully on the 120Hz “ProMotion” screen, I believe, before relevant analysts said that all iPhone 14 models this year will use the ProMotion display, this is a matter of people’s concern. But it seems that the news has been reversed in recent times.

RossYoung, the founder and CEO of display supply chain consultancy DSCC, recently said on Twitter that there’s no definitive proof in the supply chain that even the two non-Pro versions of the iPhone 14 will be equipped with 120Hz refresh rate panels, as BOE, which is low -end model, does not have sufficient LTPO capability, and has also not “shipped” any LTPO panels. Apple would be risky enough to do so, and the entire 120Hz range may have to wait until 2023.

According to earlier multi-party news, domestic brand BOE has successfully entered the Apple supply chain will provide screens for future iPhone and iPad, last year’s iPhone 13Pro series on 120Hz LTPO panel provided by Samsung, such as That competitor LGDisplay has not yet successfully developed 120Hz LTPO panels, Korean media TheElec said that thanks to BOE’s technology and production capability, it likely won’t be able to produce the fastest 120Hz LTPO panels until 2023.

In addition, Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingqi also said that the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) would cancel the look of the bangs, and the iPhone 14 would retain the bangs so that the addition of the “Pro” version of the iPhone would be more impressive. . In terms of performance, screen form and function will also open the gap with the standard version, Apple’s “knife method” can be called more and more efficient.

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