OnePlus 11Pro exposure: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 + Hasselblad large lens, once again became the king.

The human device that the OnePlus mobile phone has been creating is a high-end flagship mobile phone, and it is equipped with the latest hardware in the hardware configuration. The release of one plus 10Pro has also refreshed the perception of one plus mobile phones, especially in the design concept of appearance, and one plus 10Pro finally has its recognition. However, foreign media recently exposed the relevant content of one plus 11Pro, one plus 11Pro will give up competing with other mobile phones for the number of camera lenses, and focus on developing its camera system.

The appearance design of the OnePlus 11Pro can be said to have a completely different design concept from other mobile phones, such as the camera module has become circular this time, which looks very similar to some models of Huawei, but in fact, the OnePlus 11Pro has a good idea in the design of the camera system. The bold reform of the OnePlus 11Pro this time seems to want to occupy a place in the high-end flagship mobile phone

The ring camera lens of the OnePlus 11Pro contains only one camera lens, although there is only one camera lens, and it is clear that the OnePlus 11Pro will not support only one shooting mode. The camera lens of one plus 11Pro is still jointly customized with Hasselblad, and both the aperture of the lens and the size of the sensor have been upgraded, which is much larger than the traditional camera aperture and sensor so that the amount of light entering the lens is more and the photo is clearer. The OnePlus 11Pro’s single-camera lens supports three shooting modes: wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and 3x optical zoom.

Qualcomm’s naming method for the chip is somewhat elusive, the current highest performance processor is Snapdragon 8Gen1, if the next generation of chips continues to upgrade, it is very likely to be named per the Way snapdragon 8Gen2. The Snapdragon 8Gen2 will still be manufactured on a 4nm process, but with more transistors over the same area. The OnePlus 11Pro will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8Gen2 chip, and will also launch a 12GB+1TB Emperor edition model.

The screen part of the OnePlus 11Pro will also be adjusted appropriately, such as upgrading to a more popular four-curved screen and using a punched camera design. The OnePlus 11Pro will have a 4K screen resolution and will use LTPO’s third-generation refresh rate technology to support a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. Of course, eye protection technologies such as high-frequency dimming and low blue light also make the OnePlus 11Pro more eye-protecting. However, the curved screen of one plus 11Pro is not high, the feel is very comfortable, and the gesture control is also very smooth.

The upgrade of the OnePlus 11Pro in terms of fast charging is also very aggressive, with a 5800 mAh graphene battery with a wired fast charge of 150W, while the wireless fast charge is also upgraded to 75W, and the reverse wireless charging is upgraded to 35W. The combination of the battery and fast charging of the OnePlus 11Pro makes its endurance jump into a top-class model. In terms of sound quality tuning, after JBL Harman Kardon and Xiaomi mobile phone cooperation, bose audio has obviously become a sought-after steamed bun, and this time it will also cooperate with OnePlus 11Pro, the design of the upper and lower dual speakers makes the sound quality performance of OnePlus 11Pro also very eye-catching.The comprehensive evolution of one plus 11Pro can be said to be very radical, a single Hasselblad camera, Snapdragon 8Gen2 chip, 150W wired fast charging and other configurations, basically let one plus 11Pro at the same price point in the state of no hand, obviously this time a plus mobile phone once again pursues the ultimate configuration, so that one plus 11Pro becomes a mobile phone with a pile of materials.

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