How apple locates the other party position – apple positions the other party’s location method.

Sometimes we can’t contact our own family and friends. It will be wild thinking. This time, if you can locate each other’s location, will reduce such trouble, then how to locate the location of the apple phone? today we will take a closer look at the positioning of apple’s mobile phone, interested partners come to see it together!

Apple’s method of positioning the other party.

1. First of all, to log in to the account with Apple ID on the Apple phone that needs to be located, open the settings to enter and you can see, as shown in the following figure:

2. After logging in, click on personal information, enter and then click on the “iCloud” option (some IOS versions are “Find” option), and then click “Find My iPhone” to open it, as shown in the following figure.

3. confirm that “Find my iPhone” is open, we click here in the browser of our mobile phone to enter the >>> Apple official website.

4. Then, use the Apple ID and password on the Apple phone above to log in, and then you can locate the other party’s location. (If you find that the WIFI cannot be opened, you can switch telecom or Unicom, etc., you can)

One thing you need to pay attention to is that if you log in to the cloud service, if the other party’s Apple ID account has opened two-factor authentication, then the server will send a verification code message prompt to the Apple mobile phone. If the other party’s mobile phone does not give a verification code, you can not log in, after all, this has personal privacy information on it, such as contacts, photos, etc. are on it.

So you just want to locate the location of the other party’s mobile phone, you do not need to enter the cloud service, directly log in to the, enter here, even if you use two-factor authentication, you will not verify the information to the other party’s mobile phone, but one thing to pay attention to, if the other party’s APPID is set to the mailbox login, you locate the other party’s mobile phone location once, you will send a reminder message to the other party’s mailbox.

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