Enjoy the new chapter of the Galaxy S series The Samsung Galaxy S22 series tasting meeting landed in Beijing.

On March 1, 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series media tasting meeting was held in Beijing. At the scene, Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 series of three models were all unveiled, and Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 series tablet computers were also exhibited at the same time. Through on-site product explanations and hands-on experience, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will more comprehensively present the innovation and upgrading of “breaking the rules and surpassing the limits”, and further highlight Samsung’s strong technological leadership in the field of smartphones.

As a new generation of Samsung Galaxy S series products, the Galaxy S22 series can be described as the most powerful flagship model Samsung has ever seen, whether it is the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ or the flagship ceiling of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, all of which maintain Samsung’s super high standards as always. Especially in terms of imaging, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ are equipped with flagship multi-camera systems, and have brought higher quality imaging effects through upgrades and innovations in hardware such as super-sensitive components and ultra-clear glass; Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has taken a step further on this basis, not only has a large 2.4μm image sensor, 108 million pixels rear the main camera, It also offers an industry-leading 10MP dual telephoto lens combination supporting 3x and 10x optical zoom for up to 100x ultra-spatial zoom. Coupled with several AI-enabled imaging technologies such as adaptive pixels, it greatly improves the ability to shoot at night, allowing users to take bright photos that are far more effective than before in low-light environments. In terms of video, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series innovation adopts intelligent dynamic frame rate, Super HDR and OIS+ VDIS dual-track image stabilization solution, etc., so that users can easily record a stable, clear and smooth picture without worrying about lighting conditions when shooting and creating videos.

If image strength is the first element of consumer purchase attention at present, then it is followed by the appearance of the product. As a global leader in smartphone industrial design and a leader in trend aesthetics, the Galaxy S22 series inherits Samsung’s unique sense of luxury and fashion. Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ follow the iconic design of the Samsung Galaxy S series, the integrated fuselage with the four colours of Obsidian Black, Yumeng White, Fog Pine Green and Floating Light Powder are highly recognizable; Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has achieved another breakthrough in industrial design, perfectly integrating the frame of the camera module into the fuselage, under the background of the four colours of Obsidian Black, Yumeng White, Fog Pine Green and Crimson Red. The collision of technology and fashion has created a more artistic charm. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series this time to choose a more durable and environmentally friendly material, of which the fuselage uses a more robust “armoured aluminium” bezel and the new Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® + glass, the internal parts of the fuselage are made of new marine plastics so that the durability of the whole machine has been greatly improved while practising Samsung’s sustainable environmental protection concept.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, as the most outstanding model in the series, innovatively integrates the genes of the Galaxy Note series, and the iconic S Pen is built into the fuselage for the first time so that friends who are looking forward to another upgrade in productivity will be fulfilled. Not only that, based on the previous functional upgrades, the new S Pen also reduces the delay to only 2.8 milliseconds through AI technology, so that users can hardly feel the writing delay, making the experience more realistic, and greatly improving the feedback texture when recording essays

For friends who have a deeper need for smart interconnection or productivity, the Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets launched simultaneously with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series bring a more convenient and efficient seamless interconnection experience. At the same time, the strong configuration also achieves outstanding performance, so that users can enjoy a strong high-energy experience whether it is connected with mobile phones, or daily office, entertainment, etc., and immerse themselves in the high-quality lifestyle brought by the Galaxy ecosystem

Samsung has always been using meaningful innovations to raise industry standards and meet the needs of users. The same is true of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which redefines the benchmark of smartphones with its super product power that breaks the rules of innovation, and provides new solutions for high-quality life in collaboration with Galaxy ecological new products. If consumers want to get started with this new flagship product, they can go to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series new product pop-up experience store in Blue Harbor to experience the charm of Samsung’s cutting-edge mobile intelligent technology.

At present, full bookings for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series are in full swing, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 starting at $4,999, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ starting at $6,599, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra suggested retail price starting at $9,699. Consumers can go to Samsung’s designated offline stores, Samsung online mall, Samsung Members Club WeChat service account, JD.com, Tmall, Suning, Gome, Shundian, Jiuji, as well as Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and other platforms to participate in bookings, or directly order their favourite models after the full sale on March 4.

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