Samsung electronics was attacked by a hacking organization confidential information leaked the other party did not mention the ransom.

Tech giants have been targeted by hackers, and Samsung Electronics has recently been attacked by them.

On March 7, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics was recently attacked by the hacking organization Lapsus$, resulting in a large number of confidential data leaks, with nearly 190GB of leaked data, including biometric unlocking device algorithms, some basic service source codes, and even confidential source code from Qualcomm. It is reported that these materials are split into three compressed files, which are available for download by the outside world through a peer-to-peer network.

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but curiously, the hacking group has not contacted Samsung electronics at the moment, nor has it mentioned the ransom, and the intention is unknown.

The above report also said that Lapsus$ has a “previous crime” for stealing the confidential information of chip giant Nvidia and asking the latter to unlock the graphics card mining lock and open-source graphics card driver. Lapsus$ attack on Samsung Electronics may have had a similar purpose.

hacking groups attack tech giants regardless of industry. as of now, Tesla, McDonald’s, Foxconn and other companies have encountered hacks. around July last year, hackers launched a global ransomware attack that attacked more than 1,000 companies, which was more harmful than a hack.

hacker groups attacking technology giants has become a major hidden danger in the global technology circle because technology giants carry technical secrets and customer information, and once leaked, they not only harm their business interests but also cripple the data security of customers.

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