Apple iOS/iPadOS 15.4 RC will be available to all users!

Recently, Apple officially announced that after several weeks of developer testing and public beta, iOS 15.4 and iPad 15.4 will be launched for all users next week.

In the early morning of March 9, Apple held a spring new product launch conference, at the same time, Apple pushed the iOS / iPadOS 15.4 RC update (build number: 19E241) to iPhone and iPad users, and the system update was 6 weeks after the last release.

The new Face ID that has received widespread attention since its release can also be seen in iOS 15.4, and Apple said that the Face ID system has been able to uniquely identify the area around the user’s eyes, and even if wearing a mask, the information can be used to unlock the device. This feature is only available on iPhone 12 and later.

And in iPadOS 15.4, the most notable update is the support for universal control, which allows users to use a single mouse and keyboard on multiple Macs and iPads for a seamless user experience.

In addition to this, iOS/iPadOS 15.4 includes other new changes and new features, such as 37 new emojis, click-to-pay, and more. The update also includes enhancements to AirTags, the option to add custom domains to iCloud Mail directly on your device, and more.

the release notes for the specific update will be released after the update goes live next week, so let’s look forward to it.

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