Apple launched a new Magic Mouse Charging method that is still complained about media.

According to reports, Apple launched a new Magic Mouse mouse at the spring new product launch, and its charging port is still located at the bottom of the mouse. This means that six and a half years after the Magic Mouse was introduced, Apple still seems to believe that the best way to charge a mouse is to turn it over and connect the charging cable if it cant be used.    

Magic Mouses charging design has received a lot of complaints before. For example, The Verge reporter Nick Statt noted after the initial version was available that Apple asked Magic Mouse users to “flip the mouse over like a Beetle and plug in the charging cable.” That seems silly, and the new Magic Mouse is still the case.                     

Most rechargeable mice support charging while using. But for some reason, Apple adamantly refused to design a charging interface other than the bottom of the Magic Mouse.                                                             

In response to some strange designs, Apple has shown a willingness to “compromise”. For example, the Apple Pencil 2 generation finally does not have to be plugged into the tablet to charge; the new Apple TVs Siri remote control abandons the old trackpad in favour of a scroll wheel and clickpad; and on the new Mac Studio, Apple even designed several USB-C interfaces and an SDXC card slot in the front, rather than putting the interfaces all to the rear. However, the Magic Mouse charging port design remains unchanged.                                                             

Apple said on its official website that the Magic Mouses battery can be used for about 1 month or more on a single charge, so users do not need to charge the mouse every week. But for users, are accustomed to using the wireless mouse until the power is completely exhausted, and then go to charge. This means that the Magic Mouse will be unusable for a while, and users will need to use another mouse or trackpad to replace it.

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