Redmi K50 series latest news: CPU running points strong support Bluetooth 5.3

As the Redmi new machine K50 series is getting closer and closer to the March 17 conference, more news about the series of mobile phones has also begun to be gradually released. On the morning of March 12, some digital bloggers released the Geekbench 5 running score data of the two K50 K50s, the Dimensity 9000 version and the Dimensity 8100 version, on the Internet. In addition, Redmi officially announced some configuration parameters of the Redmi K50 series again.

Redmi K50 series
Dimensity 8100 edition Ofredmi K50 Geekbench 5 running points
Dimensity 9000 edition Ofredmi K50 Geekbench 5 running points

From the pictures released by the digital blogger, it can be found that the new model codenamed “Xiaomi 22011211C” is the new Redmi K50 machine equipped with the Dimensity 9000 processor, which runs a single-core 1310 and a multi-core 4493 in the Geekbench 5. Compared with the previous Redmi K50 esports version of the single-core 1240 and multi-core 3645 equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 processor, the performance has been greatly improved. In addition, the K50 equipped with the Dimensity 8100 processor also ran out of the single-core 932 and multi-core 3690, of which the multi-core score is even higher than the Snapdragon 888. The emergence of this running score also makes people have high hopes for the release of the Redmi K50.

The Redmi K50 series supports Bluetooth 5.3

In addition to the above-mentioned exposure of the running score, this morning Redmi mobile phone official micro also released more parameters of the series of models. According to the official account, the Redmi K50 series will be equipped with dual-band GPS, NFC, infrared remote control, and X-axis motors. In addition, the series will also support the new generation of Bluetooth 5.3 and the new LC3 audio encoding, which will bring higher quality music while having a higher compression ratio.

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