The Hi nova 9se 5G is coming soon, and the high-end model is coming around May.

On December 2 last year, China Post’s Hi nova mobile phone brand officially released the Hi nova 9 series of mobile phones, including Hi nova 9 Pro and Hi nova 9 products. It is worth mentioning that although it is named Hi nova 9, the appearance and configuration of this series of mobile phones are very similar to Huawei nova 9. It is reported that the series is an independent brand of Huawei’s nova series, which is now affiliated to China Post Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. A few months later, there is now news that the Hi nova 9 family is about to welcome new members.

Hi nova 9

Hi nova 9

On March 13, digital blogger @ factory director is Guan classmate broke the news that the smart hi nova 9se 5G is coming. In addition, the blogger also released a picture, suspected Hi nova 9se 5G. According to the picture, the Hi nova 9se 5G adopts a centred cut-out screen design, the front three bezels are extremely narrow, and the visual appearance is good. The phone is suspected of having four cameras on the rear, with two larger cameras arranged up and down in a vertical row, and two other smaller cameras and flashes arranged horizontally in the middle. The phone in the picture uses white as the main colour, which faintly reveals a little blue. The camera area has a “radiant” design that radiates light from the outside.

The Hi nova 9se 5G is coming

The Hi nova 9 se 5G is coming

In addition to the Hi nova 9se 5G, the blogger also broke the news that “high-end models have been coming for about 5 months.” The high-end model here is likely to be worth the Mate 50 series, which is worth looking forward to.

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