10 ways to improve the running time of your smartwatch

Unlike fitness bracelets, which retain autonomy for weeks, smartwatches work on a full-fledged OS and have a more powerful processor, so energy consumption is significantly different.

10 ways to improve the running time of your smart watch

What should I do to keep my smartwatch battery on charge longer?

Users of smartwatches passively complain about one problem: with all the advantages, the accessory is discharged very quickly. Alas, the watch is a multifunctional device and it is designed for a maximum of several days without recharging. But we will tell you what actions to take to keep your watch longer.

1. Turn off unnecessary notifications

Often the reason for the purchase is a purposeful desire for notifications to be displayed on the hand. Probably, these are those busy people who do not have the habit of 24/7 holding a smartphone in their hand or at hand.

At the same time, you can filter the list of applications with notifications coming to them. For example, in Viber, relatives throw you stupid postcards – is this super important information?

2. Dim the brightness

The screens of smartwatches are getting better and brighter, which accordingly affects the speed of battery discharge. Of course, high brightness settings are useful when under the sun. And indoors, you can do without it. What to do? If your model has a special light sensor, you can set an automatic adjustment depending on the light level around. Otherwise, you will have to play with the adjustment mechanically and find the right balance.

3. Turn off the always-on display function

It’s a cool feature to instantly see the time, but it constantly wastes battery power.

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4. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Many smartwatch features require Bluetooth or Wi-Fi access. Apps require internet access, and your watch can’t communicate with the device without Bluetooth. A complete shutdown is impractical, but it will be possible to save a lot of energy by disabling these connections when they are not in use.

5. Other dial

Smartwatches offer a variety of watch faces to choose from, with many options being highly interactive. You should find a watch face that shows less information.

6. Power saving mode

Certain models of smartwatches have the most useful power-saving mode; It automatically optimizes the settings to use less power. Activating this feature can significantly improve autonomy. However, it is important to know that this is usually achieved by disabling many of the watch’s functions. Therefore, it is better to try the watch at home before activating the mode anywhere.

7. Turn off voice assistants

Some users activate this feature in smartwatches because it is a good alternative to using a very small screen to provide instructions. However, for the voice assistant to work and catch your voice, a charge is spent.

8. Remove unnecessary apps

Installing too many apps slows down performance and can increase power consumption when apps are running in the background. Therefore, review and remove the excess.

9. “Theater” mode

You can turn on the mode in the theatre – it allows, again, to disable individual functions and notifications.

10. Disable tilt to “wake up” the clock

Most watches use touch or tilt of the wrist to keep the screen lit up. These features are uniquely handy, but they also mean that your watch is constantly monitoring the state and position of the screen. To save battery power, simply disable these features and use a button press instead.

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