HONOR 50 will be updated to Magic UI 6 based on Android 12

So far, the latest version of the user interface based on Android 12, namely Magic UI 6, received devices Magic V and Magic4 Pro. According to the company, in the second quarter of 2022, the update will extend to HONOR 50 smartphones.

HONOR 50 will be updated to Magic UI 6 based on Android 12

Last month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the first devices whose users will be able to experience Magic UI 6 before anyone else was already presented. As we have already said, the honor 50 updates is scheduled for the second quarter of this year, but honor 50 Lite gadgets are patiently waiting for the third quarter.

Meanwhile, the 50 Pro models (this phone has not yet been released to international markets) and the 50 SE, also the HONOR 60 line (the series has so far been launched only in China) in terms of updating the interface have not yet been heard.

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Regarding the updated user interface, HONOR said that, in addition to privacy and multitasking, performance has also been improved: now more programs and applications will be able to run in the background. The interface has become much more personalized if you evaluate the ability to customize widgets with the function of an effective desktop.

“HONOR Share” allows you to transfer files between a smartphone and any PC that supports the proprietary function of Computer Manager. Additionally, RAM will be used more efficiently, and the wireless connection will become more stable.

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