Alignment of forces in the market of image sensors

Along with the increase in the number of cameras in smartphones, the market for image sensors is also growing. According to analysts at Strategy Analytics, by the end of 2021, the image sensor segment grew by 3% and reached $ 15.1 billion.

Alignment of forces in the market of image sensors – photo 1

This market was divided between three companies, which accounted for 83% in monetary terms. It is quite predictable that the leader here is Sony, which controls 45% of the image sensor market. 26% of the profit from the sale of sensors managed to get Samsung System LSI. In third place was the company OmniVision with a result of 11% of the share of profit in the segment of image sensors. The remaining 17% fell on other manufacturers, but they do not affect the alignment of forces in the market.

Analysts also concluded that the growth of the market is due to the increase in the number of sensors in smartphones. And most actively, manufacturers buy useless plug modules for macro photography and depth analysis. These sensors accounted for 30% of the total volume of all supplied sensors. As for wide-angle sensors, their share was just over 15%.

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