Android 13 will show which app is voracious

The new feature is designed to increase the duration of work

Many have encountered the fact that some application eats up the battery of the device more than others. To calculate a voracious utility, the user needs to go to the Battery section in the settings. But what if some application does not so clearly “eat” and only gradually “dries” the battery charge?

Android 13 will show which app is voracious – photo 1

Google decided to come to the rescue and simplified the process of identifying the “violator”. Android 13 will have a curious feature. Tracking of the “eater” will be carried out at the system level and in case of detection of “malware”, the user will receive a notification about its detection. The violator will be recognized as an application that pretty much burns the battery for 24 hours.

It is expected that a notification about an application that pretty much consumes battery life will appear every day. Naturally, provided that particularly voracious applications are identified. This feature is useful to identify those processes that occur in the background and lead to a deterioration in the autonomy of the devices. There will be a feature in Android 13, the stable build of which is expected in August or September of this year.

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