The iPhone SE 2022 found another important advantage over the iPhone 2020

In terms of battery life, the iPhone SE 2022 should be better than its predecessor thanks to a larger battery

At its first presentation in 2022, which took place on March 8, Apple introduced the iPhone SE 2022. The novelty did not receive any external differences from its predecessor, the company continues to exploit the old design. It was expected that the battery remained the same because it was not necessary to talk about increasing the internal space. But in the iPhone SE 2022, the company managed to present a surprise.

The iPhone SE 2022 found another important advantage over the iPhone 2020 – photo 1

Enthusiasts of PBKreviews got a brand new iPhone SE 2022 and managed to disassemble it to see how everything is arranged inside. They managed to get to the battery and found that the capacity of the power source was 2018 mAh. And that’s almost 10% more than the 2020 iPhone SE offers. Recall that the predecessor got a battery of 1821 mAh, the same as it was in the “eight”. In theory, a slightly increased battery capacity should give an additional 2 hours of work on a single charge.

At the same time, engineers have changed the battery connector, which in the end will not allow you to “implant” the battery from the iPhone SE 2022 in the iPhone SE 2020 or vice versa. You can not install the screen from the old model. The system received an algorithm that allows you to recognize the installation of the “old” display, and it blocks the operation of the touch.

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