Insiders called the release date of the iPhone with a sub-screen camera

According to network sources, Apple is already preparing to release its first smartphone without cutouts on the display. In addition to the timing of the appearance of new items on sale, insiders have already named some features of the technology of its production, and also reported on similar plans of another famous brand.


According to the Korean portal The Elec, the company will introduce a new type of display in 2023, releasing the iPhone 15 Pro. It is reported that to place the camera and Face ID scanner under the surface of the display, the American brand uses Samsung matrices, which will be pre-“run-in” on the Galaxy Z Fold smartphone.

According to the source, Samsung Display has partnered with OTI Lumionics, which has developed a new generation of organic cathode pattern forming material (CPM). It allows “to open microscopic transparent windows in the layers of cathode and pixels of OLED matrices.” This, according to insiders, will allow Apple to place FaceID sensors under the display without losing the quality of facial recognition.

Presented this year, the iPhone will become a transitional model – the device will lose a wide bang for the camera and auxiliary sensors in favour of two small holes at the top of the center of the matrix. However, representatives of the company have not yet officially confirmed this information.

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