OPPO is preparing to present a “live” wallpaper with support for ray tracing

OPPO is preparing to release the first “live” wallpaper for a smartphone with support for ray tracing in real-time. Before this, only PC users could boast of such technology, given the complexity of the computational process. But progress does not stand still, and the first step in promoting mobile RTX has already been made.

The first processors with support for raytracing have already appeared – Samsung Exynos 2200 and MediaTek Dimensity 9000. But it was not possible to test the possibility of live processing of reflections and shadows due to the lack of applications and games that use RTX. OPPO specialists have become pioneers in this field: this year the OPPO Ray-tracing Dynamic Wallpaper application is expected to be released, in which a collection of “live” wallpapers of the new generation will be collected.

OPPO Find X5 Pro

Unlike standard 3D wallpapers, which are videos in MP4 format, wallpaper with ray tracing changes in real-time thanks to graphic calculations on the device itself in combination with a gyroscope that determines the angle of inclination of the device.

“As pioneers in technology, we have always been actively exploring new technologies to improve the mobile experience of our users. The use of ray tracing technology on mobile devices will provide realistic graphics for more exciting and colourful games. Our 3D wallpapers will also serve as a starting point in the use of future gadget applications, “- representatives of the company.

The wallpapers will be released in SDK format on the official OPPO website. It is expected that the OPPO Ray-tracing Dynamic Wallpaper application will be announced in the second half of the year and will be distributed through the company’s app store.

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