6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

Smartphones in the process of operation collect unnecessary files that take up space, slow down the work and generally affect performance. Any application from this collection will help to cope with the problem and get rid of the “trash”.

1. Google Files

6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

The “official” product has more trust from consumers, so we put this file manager in the first place. It’s simple: start and move on to “cleaning” at the bottom. The application will give files that are identified as useless and wasted space (these are unnecessary files, backups and unused programs). Check what you want to erase and confirm. Google Files is not overloaded with unnecessary add-ons, like many other applications of this type, and offers only a cleaning tool.

Optionally, you can view, rename, move, and upload files.

Install Google Files from the Google Play Store.

2. Droid Optimizer

6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

This is one of the most popular cleaning tools, which has been downloaded more than a million times in the Google Play Store. It is well suited for beginners due to its ease of use, while Droid Optimizer combines several utilities that allow you to optimize and speed up the work of the smartphone.

The application demonstrates a window with information about the current state of the device. There are no ads and unnecessary elements here – only a list of important functions. You can activate auto-cleaning, which will check your smartphone for unnecessary files and erase them.

Install Droid Optimiser from Google Play Store.

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3. CCleaner

6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

CCleaner for mobile Android devices is an analogue of the well-known program for PC. Allows you to clear the application cache, download folders, browser history, obsolete and residual files. Additionally, CCleaner points the user to energy-intensive and unused applications. Provides system and memory information for fast orientation.

In general, the application is free, but there is also a Pro version that opens several inaccessible functions, such as deep cleaning and removal of the hidden cache. It is upsetting that the free version gives out annoying advertising, which the developers offer to get rid of by paying for the premium version.

Install CCleaner from the Google Play Store.

4. All-in-One Toolbox

6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

This optimizer offers not only basic tools for cleaning and speeding up the work of the smartphone, but also gives access to all stored files, indicates the temperature of the gadget, offers to delete / copy/move applications and so on. Provides detailed information about the device (status and memory utilization).

Users note that All-in-One Toolbox itself uses few resources and works without the need to approach the network. One thing is frustrating: the “exit” button is located critically close to the advertising links.

Install All-in-One Toolbox from Google Play Store.

5. SD Maid

6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

Another indispensable utility in the store catalogue. After downloading, the application requires permission and then begins to scan the device and offers to start removing the “garbage”. These quick actions will tidy up your device without any ads and with a clear interface. The functionality of the program has been expanded without that, but for additional pleasant chips (for example, if you want to install cleaning on a schedule, etc.), you will have to turn to the premium version.

Install SD Maid from Google Play Store.

6. Norton Clean

6 apps that will clean your Android from garbage

Norton Clean with periodic cleaning can help you optimize your device and even extend battery life. The application scans the memory and displays statistics on the screen, prompting the user to make the final decision. Additionally, it can fight viruses and malware.

Install Norton Clean from the Google Play Store.

A Minute of Attention

Many SEOs offer, among other things, cleaning RAM and unloading applications from it. This isn’t always helpful and will prove to be good on your device’s performance as well as battery life. We talked more about this in a recent article.

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