Apple wants to hide Face ID under the display. Why not a camera?

We have already written that industry sources predict the movement of Face ID under the screen in the iPhone 15 Pro. However, let’s assume that Apple leaves a hole in the camera. Why? There are two reasons for this.

Technical details

According to the source, the development of technology will be engaged in Samsung. The company already has experience in the manufacture of UDC (Under Display Camera): in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the front camera was hidden under the folding screen.

But Cupertino plans to use a different principle. The Korean IT giant is collaborating with Canadian firm OTI Lumionics – together they are designing an alternative cathode structure (CPM, Cathode Patterning Materials) for OLED panels that better conduct light through the display.

What Apple has in its plans

If you believe the insiders, the design of the front panel of iPhones will change in 2022. The flagship iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will receive two holes in the matrix: round for Face ID and oblong for the infrared sensor and selfie camera. Affordable iPhone 14 and 14 Max will remain with the current design (probably due to the cheapening of production).

In 2023, iPhone 15 models with the Pro prefix will remain with one visible hole in the display. All Face ID sensors California engineers plan to hide under the screen.

Why don’t they hide the camera?

Probably, the “Apple” corporation does not want to sacrifice the quality of pictures on the front camera. Existing UDC technologies are not able to compete with traditional photosensors. For example, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses a 4-megapixel camera, which is not enough.

Another problem with subscreen modules is the low conductivity of light by matrices. LG Display predicts that in 2023 it will be possible to achieve 20 percent permeability and in 2024 – 40 percent.

Another reason is the loss of identity. Since the time of the iPhone X, Apple smartphones are distinguished by characteristic “bangs”. If you remove all the sensors, the iPhone will not be able to stand out against the background of other phones.

In fan renders, the front camera of the iPhone 15 Pro is presented as the only hole in the center. However, it is unclear how Apple will act in reality. Maybe we’re in for a more interesting solution.

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