How do you know if your Xiaomi has fast charging?

Fast charging is one of the technologies that help save time. In just 10 minutes, Xiaomi will be running at full capacity thanks to its efficiency.

However, not all terminals are compatible with this technology. Many chargers may not offer this level of charging.

In the MIUI settings, there are two ways to determine if your Xiaomi can charge quickly. If you want to know more about it, then read on.

Battery icon indicates charge type

When you connect a mobile phone to a charger or any other power system via a USB cable, they start charging the battery. In this case, the charging icon changes its appearance depending on the type of energy received.

How to find out if your Xiaomi has fast charging and if you are using it to the fullest. Xiaomi Addicts News

The lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner indicates the type of charging.

You can tell if the charging type is slow, fast, or super-fast by looking at the charging icon after connecting Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO to a power source.

  • Fast charging is displayed as a double-bound zipper icon. Eto also points out that both the mobile phone and the charger are compatible with fast charging technology.
  • Slow or normal charging is displayed by a simple zipper icon. This is the most common image we see in the top right corner of our device after connecting it to the charger.

The second way to find out is that on the lock screen at the bottom there is a message indicating the type of charging. If it’s regular charging, it will just say “charging. If it’s fast charging, the message will look like “fast charging.”

On the screen of the charging animation, the inscription “turbo” is visible – fast

You need to know that fast charging is a great option in difficult times. However, abusing this method of replenishing the battery can lead to faster wear of the Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO battery.

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