Pixel 6a’s retail box smiles at the camera, showcasing a new backside design

Google is probably gearing up to launch the Pixel 6a soon, as its retail box has allegedly been discovered, showing some significant differences between the upcoming model and the Pixel 5a 5G.

The back of the Pixel 6a looks identical to the more expensive flagships released by Google last year.

The retail box image was uploaded by Techxine, with the Pixel 6a having a design similar to the more premium Pixel 6. The rear shield shows a dual-camera setup, as we reported earlier in previously leaked renders.

However, while this evidence indicates that Google is gearing up to release its first mid-range smartphone with its Tensor chip, WinFuture pointed out some flaws in the image that could compromise the authenticity of the leak.

For example, the label “Pixel 6a” is printed incorrectly, and the letter “a” does not match the line on close inspection. Subtle design changes are also questionable, such as the antenna lines that are usually placed in the case and are visible.

However, in this case, these antenna lines are not visible, but it is possible that Google intentionally decided to remove the antenna lines to improve the aesthetics of the image.

Also, keep in mind that the visibility of these antenna lines will depend on the type of material Google chooses for the Pixel 6a. A smartphone with a plastic body will have more prominent antennas, as opposed to a premium phone with a metal and glass body. For now, we believe Google will redo the Pixel 6’s case for mass production of the Pixel 6a and will sell it at a lower suggested retail price.

Other previously leaked spec details show that the Pixel 6a will have 6GB of RAM, which makes sense given that Google is looking to sell this smartphone at a lower price, so some compromises are needed.

As for launch month, the tech giant could announce it in May, so we’ll have more details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

News Source: Techxine

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