Android smartphone with Lightning and iPhone with USB-C. I didn’t mix anything up

For many, the main problem with any iPhone is that it is charged from its Lightning connector. While the whole world is trying to transfer its equipment to USB Type-C, Apple, as always, goes its way. At the same time, iPad Air and Pro have already switched to a universal connector and feel great. “Mistakes” of engineers are corrected by ordinary people, and now we have another example of a craftsman who solved a problem very creatively. The result showed that there are no barriers to unification, except for Apple’s reluctance to change something.

Both connectors are good, but Lightning is a bit outdated

iPhone with USB-C

The creator of the first iPhone compatible with USB Type-C charging is back with a new project. It was the first Android smartphone with a Lightning port. In terms of convenience, the idea is so-so, but as a project that shows the possibilities of technology, it’s brilliant. To do this, use the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A51. And the most interesting thing is that through this port the smartphone is not only charged but can also transmit data. That is, it is a fully functional connector that can be used in everyday life.

Last year, we followed with interest the crazy project of an engineering student who accomplished a technological feat by creating the first iPhone with a USB Type-C port. The sweet dream of some iPhone users to abandon Lightning has become a real one.

This connector for the time of its appearance was a breakthrough – double-sided, compact, fast. Now it no longer meets the speed requirements and is not universal. The USB Type-C port on Android smartphones is much better able to cope with its tasks. But now there is an iPhone with a USB Type-C port, albeit not an official one. For it, you only need one cable.


Lightning was good for its time, but now its time has passed.

Customizing iPhone X

The iPhone model that was chosen to accommodate the USB Type-C port was the iPhone X. It would seem, well soldered skillful connector and okay, but everything is much more interesting if you trace his story further and find out that he sold it. The price of the transaction exceeded $ 100,000. This commercial success should give Apple a good idea of consumer expectations for its devices. Of course, there were some limitations associated with this modification. The iPhone could not transmit data and the connector was used only for charging. The more interesting is the price paid for it. Although it is clear that the buyer was more interested in getting not a functional, but an unusual device.

Android phone with Lightning connector

Now the author of the iPhone with USB Type-C has returned with the opposite project – the adaptation of the Lightning port to the Android smartphone. He chose the Galaxy A51 as his guinea pig. In a very short video posted in this article, the author did not reveal all the secrets but explained that this modification, which seems quite simple, turned out to be much more complicated than expected. He promised to release a video in which he will talk about the process of working on his custom in more detail. From him, we will learn exactly how he was able to achieve his result.

Lightning on Android

The most important thing is that even in the video that we already have, the operation of the device is demonstrated. It shows how the modified Galaxy A51 remains fully functional. Its Lightning port is used for both charging and data transfer in both directions. Many thought that this was an April Fool’s joke, but the author of the video claims that this is a real project. He decided to make such a phone to have fun and see if it was possible.

As a result, he found that it could be done, but the efficiency of the Lightning connector is still much lower than what USB Type-C offers. So, there is no practical sense in this, but the experiment is interesting.

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