Your Xiaomi doesn’t get MIUI 13, and the rest do. Why?

In recent weeks, Xiaomi has added MIUI 13 to much of its smartphone catalogue.

While there are still devices on which the new shell has been deployed only a few users have automatically received it. Is this happening?

Why hasn’t your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO received MIUI 13 yet?

Xiaomi is rolling out the update in stages. Therefore, a small number of users can get it at first. After a few weeks, the rest receive an update. Thanks to this policy, Xiaomi manages to reduce the frequency of failures if the update contains errors. So the company buys time to eliminate them.

Most of the updates we’ve seen in recent days have been released as part of the Mi Pilot program. Therefore, if you are not a member of it, then it will take longer to get a new version.

There’s a little trick to getting updates before everyone else. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “My Device” (about the phone) > “MIUI Version”.
  2. After that, it will only be necessary to click on the three dots in the top menu and access the update settings.
  3. Next, activate the option “Receive updates earlier”.

Is MIUI 13 available for your Xiaomi?

There is another reason why your smartphone will not yet receive version 13 of the program. There are two versions of it: global and European, which differ from each other when receiving an update:

  • MIUI Global (MI): installed on Xiaomi, which received a global version outside of Europe. For example, if we buy a device in China or Latin America. Its nomenclature is different because it contains the letters “MI”.
  • European MIUI (EU): one that is installed on any Xiaomi device officially purchased in a European country. Its nomenclature is different because it contains the letters “EU” or “EEA”.

So if, for example, your Redmi Note 10 has a European ROM and has been upgraded to MIUI 13 via the global ROM only, you’ll have to keep waiting for the deployment to be done for your particular variant as well.

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