Samsung is ending support and updating the Galaxy S9, and the S10 is now quarterly

No matter how good Samsung is with smartphone updates and their support, no matter how much the brand is praised on the network, sooner or later, you have to “get rid of” old models. But they’re really old.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + come from 2018 (end of March), which for a modern device is a decent period. The company was engaged in the support of devices for 4 years, which is by no means a lot in modern markets and against the background of competitors.

The information is confirmed officially because the models disappeared from the page of supported gadgets on the Samsung website. The first to notice this were journalists of the portal Droid-Life. This is not surprising and expected, because recently the Galaxy S9 and its modifications were updated not regularly, but quarterly planned. The last major update for it was Android 10.

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Now the Galaxy S10 enters the same mode – a contender for a future flight. For him, updates should wait another year or so.

The Galaxy S9 was quite successful but was inferior to the previous Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, it received a lot of praise and could compete with the Google Pixel in terms of photo quality.

The Galaxy Note 9 continues to be updated for now, as it was released later.

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