HarmonyOS 3.0 Comes in September – The First Beta Is Next Month!

The stable version of Harmony OS 3.0 is scheduled for release in September of this year, according to reports from a recent developer innovation competition.

The third-largest version of Huawei Harmony OS; It was heard in October last year and the first developer preview came out a few weeks later. However, development is a bit clogged. Therefore, the launch schedule had to be delayed.

From the recent developer innovation competition; The stable version of Harmony OS 3.0 is scheduled for release in September of this year, according to reports. Version 2.0 was released in June. By mid-September, it already had an installed base of 100 million devices.

Although Huawei has not officially confirmed this, a beta version will arrive in May. The new version changes the user interface and improves performance. However, you should not expect major changes in the appearance and feel of the operating system.

Stable HarmonyOS Now Available on 65 Honor and Huawei Devices

Huawei also has developed HarmonyOS 3.0 to develop applications; Declarative for creating HarmonyOS applications using TypeScript or JavaScript; it recently launched ArkUI, a UI framework.

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