New Apple Watch will offer support for satellite communications

But only in case of need to give a distress signal

Apple Watch has become an indispensable assistant for a large number of users and we have repeatedly heard stories when smartwatches saved their lives.

According to Bloomberg, the future Apple Watch will receive support for cellular communications. Smartwatches of the new generation will be able to connect to satellites in low Earth orbit and thanks to this will receive a connection to the network, where there is no connection.

We are not talking about full access to the Internet. The most that Apple will offer in a wearable device is sending short messages. This is relevant, first of all, when it is necessary to give a distress signal, to report an emergency or crisis. In what form and to whom notifications will be sent, there is no exact information. Apple itself does not comment on this information and there are no specifics as soon as the new feature will appear in the Apple Watch.

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Source: bloomberg

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