Are long USB Type C cables a fire hazard?

This question is asked by some readers, as told by the authors of the portal ZDNet. We, in turn, found the question and explanation really curious and even useful for familiarization and understanding.

In principle, today’s answer will be relevant for any wires for electronics, but first of all concerns USB Type C, since they are used with powerful power supplies. The question arose from the consideration that longer cables are more prone to heating and overheating.

Allegedly, they have more resistance, so you should choose shorter cables.

The author of the article says that on an ongoing basis, he uses a 3-meter USB C to USB C cable manufactured by Anker to charge the Apple M1 Pro MacBook Pro laptop, which consumes 94 watts during this process.

Are long USB Type C cables a fire hazard?

At the same time, it is possible to use a 140 W MagSafe cable.

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In addition, an even longer 5-meter cable from the MicroConnect brand was tested. It also withstands up to 100 watts and worked without problems.

As a result, there are two main considerations if you choose a long cable and not only a long one. We have voiced them more than once, and they are true now.

  • Such tasks don’t need to buy products of noname-brands. It is worth buying cables exclusively from proven brands that have proven their reliability.
  • Do not use damaged cables for charging. Such can potentially lead to a fire. And even, if not to a fire, then to disable your expensive equipment in some other way.

Long cables have another inconvenience. You can get confused in them, you can stumble over them if you stretch such a cable, say, on the floor. Forgotten, touched, and your laptop or expensive smartphone will go from a table or other surface in flight, which definitely will not affect their “health” positively. Be careful, then long wires will only be useful and convenient.

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