Xiaomi introduced a thermos and aviator glasses

The company introduced a new mini-thermos and a pair of sunglasses. Contrary to the expectations of fans of the brand, both products do not conceal any electronic smart functions.

The inner part of the mini-thermos is made of the high-quality stainless steel grade 316, and the outer part is made of grade 304. According to the company, the internal tank with a volume of 500 ml has water-repellent properties and is chemically inert, and can also maintain the temperature of the liquid at 40 ° C and above for 6 hours. Attached to the thermos is a case with the Chinese slogan “I am a fan of Xiaomi” on the front since the release of new items is timed to the beginning of the Mi Fan 2022 festival. The cost of new items is $ 17.

Xiaomi Thermos

Xiaomi Pilota sunglasses have a typical design of aviator glasses, in their manufacture both light and high-quality aluminium and stainless steel are used. And the nylon polarizing lenses themselves are made to order in Germany.

Xiaomi Pilota Sunglasses

Xiaomi Pilota Sunglasses

The lenses also have special protection against ultraviolet rays (UV400) and in addition are covered with a transparent film paint, which is very resistant to sweat, greasy fingerprints, oil and other liquids that can impair the view.

Xiaomi Pilota are available in black and blue for about $132.

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