Android 13 will receive new gestures and security features

Android 13, Android 13, Android 13… This name will be more and more often found in news reports, as it is one of the most long-awaited annual events in the world of smartphones. Waiting for the new version of the operating system is not so long. Already on May 10, it will be officially announced at the Google I/O event, and almost immediately after that, it will be possible to try it on models of devices included in the public beta testing program. So far, we have data from developers who are already working with it, but there are more and more of them. Now we have learned about new features and enhanced security of the system.

Android 13 will be better than Android 12. Logically

What’s New in Android 13

Multitasking in Android

In Android 13, users will be able to open split-screen apps with a simple “drag-and-drop” gesture on top of the notification. The important news was revealed by journalist Rahman Mishal, this feature provides even more convenience for instant messengers, especially on large displays. For those who don’t know, this feature is available in some versions of Android with custom skins. Now Google is integrating it into the Android kernel. Thus, even users with naked Android will be able to use it in the future.

However, it’s worth noting that the feature is still experimental. According to Mishaal, it is somewhat “shaky”. During the demonstration, Rahman showed a notification coming from a Telegram conversation. Essentially, it taps on a ball that appears at the top of the screen and drags it down, opening the app in split-screen mode.

Androi for tablet

This feature is present, but hidden, in Android 12L as experimental. And something similar can be found in shells such as MIUI (Xiaomi) and One UI (Samsung). However, that’s not exactly what Google does. MIUI, for example, converts a notification into a small floating window. Instead, Google is trying to promote the use of a multi-screen feature. But at this stage, it needs to be refined.

At this point, it’s natural to see Android 13 with errors. Currently, the new version works with the Developer Preview 2 shortcut. However, Google could launch the first open beta at any time. The official presentation will take place at the Google I/O conference on May 10. During the keynote, the company will likely unveil all the features that will appear in Android 13. But it often happens that between the presentation and the release (in the autumn) it turns out to screw some more functions to the operating system.

The new feature demonstrates Google’s recent push to make multitasking more powerful on Android. Apparently, the company’s master plan is to bring Android to PCs and large devices. Android tablets exist, but very much lose in the usability of the iPad.


Android smartphones are better than iPhones. But the iPad is out of the competition.

The search giant noticed that the demand for tablets grew last year. It introduced Android 12L with many features for tablets and foldable devices. In fact, in the future, the company may release a foldable Pixel smartphone. This is where the new multitasking features in Android 13 come in handy.

How to Make Android Safer

In addition, the company decided to work even harder on security. Specifically, Google is testing new security and privacy menu in Android 13. The novelty is present in the current Android 13 Developer Preview 2. The new menu will combine security settings for using the camera, microphone and geolocation, and you will also be able to find information about the permissions granted to applications. But we will also learn more about this only at the official presentation in May.

The new menu will be called “Security and Privacy”. This is a way that Google has found to save space and not clutter up Android 13 settings with a huge number of submenus. There is a healthy grain to such a decision.

The new security menu in Android 13 will add convenience to it.

Android 13 Security Menu

Through the new menu, users will also be able to check if any security update is available. In addition, it will also bring information about Google Play Protect. The menu isn’t fully functional yet, but it will also contain “Find My Device.” It is noted that future additions may move the privacy settings to the top of the settings screen. While it is impossible to guarantee that the new menu will be ready for the first public beta versions of Android 13, there is such a possibility.

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Fragmentation in the Android world is still a big problem. Even though Google will recently present its 13th version and will begin to distribute it for public testing to everyone, many manufacturers are still preparing Android 12 for their smartphones. Meanwhile, some companies, such as Samsung, are surprising their users by promising four major Android updates for their devices. Perhaps someday the situation will change, but so far everything is so.

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