Mastodon, an alternative to Twitter, now has an official App for Android

When we talk about social media apps like Twitter, Mastodon is often mentioned in conversation. Perhaps in the recent past, it was one of the best alternatives to enterprise social media.

. So, after releasing its iOS app last year, the company released an official Android app on the Google Play store. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mastodon Android app released

The Mastodon app for iOS has a user interface similar to Twitter. You can log in to any community, search for messages, be notified of new posts, send them to other members of the community, and use the decentralized social platform on your Android device.

For those who don’t know, Mastodon is an open-source social platform that provides opportunities like Twitter but is decentralized. The platform has about 4.4 million users and allows users to join communities to share their views and opinions and communicate with other people in different communities.

The platform uses the open-source ActivityPub platform, which has also been used by various other social media platforms such as PixelFed, an alternative to Instagram. It also keeps users safe with anti-abuse features and allows for a 500-character limit, which is more than Twitter’s.

Going back to the Mastodon app for Android, it has many features, such as the ability to sync with the system’s dark mode to automatically switch to its theme. However, there are a few limitations. First, the app can’t display local or federated timelines, which are lists of posts from current and other well-known communities on the platform. For these features, users will have to rely on third-party alternatives such as Tusky for Android and Toot! on iOS.

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