Samsung plans to increase the number of Exynos chips in its smartphones

Now the home processor from the Koreans can also appear in smartphones of the middle and budget price segments. Using Qualcomm and MediaTek processors should not stop yet.

At the moment, Samsung is one of the few vendors that can produce its chipsets for mobile devices.

Gizmochina reports that the company plans to increase their number, starting to equip not only flagships but also other models. Exynos processors according to the latest data can come in the line of smartphones Galaxy A and Galaxy M. These are the best-selling series.

The recently launched Galaxy A13 4G this year came out with the Exynos 850 in North America, and the Galaxy A13 5G is already based on the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip.

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Galaxy A13 is an update to last year’s Galaxy A12 model, which sold 51.8 million units in 2021. This is the first device that overcame the mark of 50 million and became the best-selling. This model ran on the MediaTek chipset, which allowed the Chinese company to occupy a decent chunk of the market. Now Samsung hopes to popularize its solutions in this way.

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