2024 Apple iPhone 16 to Offer Full-Screen Experience

Although there are various rumours about the Apple iPhone 14 series, a new report suggests that 1000 people have been killed in the 1980s. it revealed interesting information about the 2024 iPhone models which will probably be the iPhone 16 series.

In a tweet, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the Cupertino-based company had been able to find a way to make the most of the He explained that the 2024 iPhone could be the brand’s first smartphone with a full front-screen design. Therefore, most of the necessary sensors, such as the selfie camera and Face ID technology, will be placed under the display panel.

“I think the real full-screen iPhone will come in 2024. In 2024, high-end iPhones will use an under-screen front camera alongside an under-screen Face ID. Low light conditions damage front camera quality. And ISP and algorithm are critical to quality improvements,” he said.


In particular, the analyst’s comments are in line with his previous estimates. It initially stated that Apple no longer plans to launch an iPhone with an under-screen Touch ID.

Therefore, an alternative to biometric safety; is Face ID, which replaces Touch ID on most iPhone models. Interestingly, another analyst, Ross Young, also claimed that under-screen Face ID would also come to the iPhone 16.

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