Google Chrome for Android will soon allow you to restore all recently closed tabs

Google Chrome on Android can sometimes create problems during a smooth browsing experience by closing all tabs at once. This can happen due to an error or accident. In such cases, the user often continues to look for ways to restore all the tabs, especially if several tabs were used before the sudden closure of Chrome. To ensure a permanent solution to such problems, it has been observed that Google Chrome for Android is experimenting with a feature that allows the user to restore all closed tabs at once, similar to what is already available in Chrome for desktop computers.

Although it is easy to restore a window by reviewing the browser history, users have often encountered a problem when restoring all closed tabs. However, there was no solution to restore multiple closed tabs in Chrome for Android. In the history of Chrome, there is a recently pointed to a new experimental flag in the Source Code of ChromeAndroid Bulk Restore or Android Tab Restore, which indicates that Google has already begun testing this feature on Android.

As mentioned in Chromium Gerrit, the user will be able to restore recent tabs en masse by enabling the recovery feature. To do this, go to Recent Tabs > Recently Closed. This saves the user time and does not require viewing chrome history and opening windows from previous links.

This feature will likely soon be available in the Canary version of Google Chrome for Android. However, there is no timeline for the public deployment of this feature. The record of Chromium Gerrit hints that it is currently quite new. Those wishing to test the feature can download the latest Canarian version from the Google Play Store. However, since it is very unstable, users are advised to wait for the stable version of Android to get the best possible experience.

The ability to recover all recently closed tabs is currently available in the desktop version of Chrome, which also has a pop-up window in which you can choose whether you want to restore currently closed tabs.

Although Chrome for Android allows the user to manually restore each tab one by one, it is not yet possible to restore them all at once with one click. Google is working on a feature that will allow users to recover recently closed tabs from the “Recently Closed” section in the “Recent Tabs” section.

With the addition of this new feature, users will be able to get a smooth browsing experience when recovering closed tabs will no longer be a problem.

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