Your POCO will soon be updated to Launcher 4.0. How the interface design will look like

The app launcher used by Xiaomi for POCO mobile phones will be updated soon. We’re talking about POCO Launcher 4.0, a new version that will bring with it important aesthetic changes to the interface.

The interface of the new POCO Launcher 4.0

The user interface of the new application is completely redesigned. There have been changes in the design of application icons: they will not be round but will acquire a more square design.

New icon design

POCO Launcher 4.0 will also get a significant improvement in the animation of the main screen:

Launcher 4.0 inherited some settings from MIUI Launcher, becoming more similar to it. The new aesthetic change will help distinguish POCO mobile phones from Xiaomi and Redmi.

It remains only to wait until Xiaomi decides to release a new version, which we will also see in the Google Play store.

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