Study: Android users drive better than iPhone owners

The American aggregator of car insurance Jerry conducted an interesting study to find out which smartphone owners drive cars better. By analyzing the behaviour of 20,000 drivers who travelled 13 million kilometres, it became obvious that the owners of Android smartphones are much less likely to get into accidents than the owners of “Apple” devices.

Accident statistics

According to the results of the study, Android users received higher scores for safe driving in each category: distraction from the road, speeding, turning, acceleration and braking. Interestingly, the biggest gap was in the category of distraction from the road, which implies that iPhone users are more likely to switch their attention to a smartphone behind the wheel.

Accident statistics

If we compare users in different age categories, then in all cases the owners of Android smartphones show themselves as more cautious drivers than iPhone owners. The highest scores were given to older married people with a bachelor’s degree or higher and a higher credit score. These statements are characteristic of adherents of both the “green robot” and the “bitten apple”.

Interestingly, even Android users with the worst credit history show themselves on the road better than iPhone owners with the highest credit rating. And the most surprising thing is that the statistics took into account twice as many adherents of Apple as owners of smartphones of other brands.

The Jerry report also mentions a couple of studies that found Android users to be more conscientious, as well as less likely to lie and break the law.

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