Xiaomi 12 Pro has successfully passed a tough test of strength

The expression hammering nails with a phone is by no means a figure of speech. Some meticulous users like to test smartphones for strength, arranging for them the most stringent tests. Recently, such a mockery of the flagship Xiaomi 12 Pro. The purpose of the test is obvious – to show buyers how tenacious the model will be. This will help to make the right decision for those who often forget the device in the back pocket, leave it in the sun, etc.

Xiaomi 12 Pro is a rugged mobile phone

Endurance tests

Severe tests for the strength of the xiaomi 12 Pro screen

Xiaomi 12 Pro is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus. The same glass protects the sensor of the front camera. After numerous attempts to scratch the screen, scratches began to appear at level 6 on the Mohs scale and became more noticeable at level 7. In plain language, let’s say that this is a very good result.

Scratches did not damage or change the operation of the fingerprint scanner located under the screen.

Aluminium ends and metal buttons were strong enough and withstood the sharp blade of the tester.

The screen of the Xiaomi 12 Pro has not passed the high-temperature test, which is quite natural. When exposed to a light flame, the pixels would start to fail after 30 seconds, so don’t put this machine in the oven.

Bending test

The most difficult test was the bending test. Another flagship – The onePlus 10 Pro did not stand the test and broke. The flagship Xiaomi managed to overcome the test and remain operational.

After such rigorous tests, we can confirm that Xiaomi’s flagship terminal is a rugged device.

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