It’s time for updates for OnePlus flagships

Work on the update by the OxygenOS team continues with the advent of new updates on board. OnePlus 10R but 9R and Triptych 88 Pro e 8T. All smartphones that have been officially updated to OxygenOS 12 and whose updates are now aimed at improving the user experience. So, let’s see what new programs for smartphone models are involved.

There are new updates for top OnePlus models: here’s the news

Let’s start with the innovations introduced by the oxygenOS 12 version. A.03 for OnePlus 10R:

  • system
    • [Optimized] OTG Connection Compatibility
    • [Optimized] power consumption in some scenarios for better user experience
    • [Fixed] interrupt issue when connecting to a computer to transfer large files
    • [Fixed] an accidental issue that caused Always-On Display to display incorrectly on the screen.
    • [Fixed] issue where screen brightness was displayed abnormally and brightness adjustment didn’t take effect after fingerprint unlock
    • [Improved] system stability
  • camera
    • [Improved] sharpness of portrait photos taken by the main rear camera.

regarding the OnePlus 88 Pro8T e 9R, the OxygenOS 12 update is always the same and concerns the C.17 build. Here is the list of changes:

  • system
    • [Optimized] stability when sending and receiving messages
    • [Improved] system stability
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These updates for the OnePlus 10R, 9R, 8, 8 Pro and 8T are in the rollout phase, so they should be received by their owners within those weeks. When they are available, you will find them available for download in our special article.

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