Google will release Android 13 for tablets

The company once dabbled with these devices in conjunction with Motorola (model Xoom) and ASUS (model Nexus), but the passion for tablets did not last long. However, now interest in them is returning.

This, however, is not surprising, because, with proper optimization of the software, the tablet becomes convenient not only for content consumption but also for work. In other cases, it may well compete with a laptop. Huawei is actively engaged in adapting the interface to work on large diagonals with its Harmony OS. Google decided to address the issue as well.

This was discussed on Google I/O.

While it is difficult to say how successful the OS will be, for this it needs to be tested on suitable devices. But there are many promises.

Announced intentions to achieve more convenient multitasking, as well as to rework the interface for touch gadgets with large diagonals.

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A taskbar and a separate notification curtain are scheduled to appear. This once again takes us with associations to Harmony OS, where something similar is implemented.

Google will release Android 13 for tablets

Gizmochina notes that modern devices, including tablets, are becoming more productive every year, which inevitably leads to the fact that the difference between them and laptops, although remains, and becomes less noticeable in various use cases.

Android on tablets, in turn, is becoming more similar to Chrome OS, which is now pre-installed on not the most powerful laptops.

Google will release Android 13 for tablets

In addition, note that it may be possible to drag and drop objects. The implementation of drag-drop in the manner of Apple, however, should increase the comfort of using Tablets on Android. Especially when using a split-screen.

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