Google’s messaging app is once again getting smarter

Communicating with text messages will become easier, as the application will begin to better understand the context of correspondence, offering options for interacting with messages.

It’s hard to argue that at the moment applications for exchanging short messages are quite primitive. However, it cannot be said that SMS is very much in demand. However, in the future, we can expect development at least for a proprietary application from Google.

Confirmation of this was found by the authors of the portal 9to5google, having analyzed the code of the latest APK-file.

The application will give hints if it thinks that any of the messages may be important to the user.

First of all, it will analyze and process messages with dates and phone numbers. They may suggest, for example, setting a reminder or congratulating someone on their birthday in time. In addition to just making a message in favourites, etc.

It’s not the first time Google has implemented hints. Remember how Gmail started offering quick replies to emails? And in principle, Google is constantly analyzing our search queries, the messages that we type using Gboard, and learning to understand human language better.

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