How Android Auto differs from Apple CarPlay

If you did not notice, then almost all devices have become wiser around: watches, fitness bracelets, headphones, and even cars. Not only were the cars stuffed with various sensors, but they also gave them a user-friendly interface of the multimedia system: somewhere it is CarPlay, and somewhere Android Auto, so that you can quickly synchronize your smartphone with the car. So you can leave the phone in the holder or completely put it away, without distracting from the road. And what, exactly, is the difference between the two systems and what advantages do they have? We will tell about this in our article.

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay – which is better?

How Android Auto works

Apple CarPlay was released in 2014 and Android Auto in 2015. Both systems represent the main functions of smartphones displayed on the multimedia screen of the car, which is necessary for the driver behind the wheel: these are voice calls on the hands-free system, a music player, navigation maps and incoming messages. At the same time, the presence of a smart system is strikingly different from the analog connection of the phone to the car – in fact, you fully control the smartphone using the buttons on the steering wheel, without taking your eyes off the road.

Both systems work when the smartphone is connected to the head unit

Initially, the driver was asked to connect the smartphone to Android Auto or CarPlay in a wired way, at the same time charging the phone. Now all this can be done wirelessly via Bluetooth, but not in all systems: if you decide to replace the standard system in your car, keep in mind that not all smartphones work with Android Auto via Bluetooth. Apple CarPlay has no such problems: all iPhones can be connected wirelessly.

Which machines support Android Auto

Currently, all well-known manufacturers preinstall both systems on their cars.

If your machine was released not so long ago and has a multimedia system with a touch screen, with a high degree of probability it will support both operating systems: when you connect multimedia, it recognizes the OS in your smartphone, giving out the necessary interface. The situation is a little different with head units from third-party manufacturers: my friend recently installed one in his car and drew attention to the fact that when choosing, you should not be petty. The most reliable options cost about 20-30 thousand rubles so that everything works without brakes.

By default, CarPlay supports more than 600 models, almost the same number – Android Auto. At the same time, they put systems on cars of different brands: from Skoda and Lada to Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. CarPlay can be found even on motorcycles: the list includes Harley-Davidson and Honda models.

Features Android Auto

The main functions are present in both operating systems, so use

Android Auto and CarPlay have significant differences: for example, Apple’s car OS is not always free: in BMW from 2019, drivers pay for it by subscription or one-time, while Android Auto is free. Subscription costs about 9,000 rubles a year or 42,000 “forever” – for this money you can install a third-party “head” cheaper and use it for free. So the company decided to reduce the cost of the car. However, both platforms have common features that everyone will need.

  • Navigation maps.
  • Music player.
  • Voice control.
  • Answer incoming calls.
  • Dictation of messages.

By the way, the best event last year was the addition of Russian applications to both operating systems: now motorists can run Yandex. Navigator, Yandex.Music or 2GIS maps instead of Google or Apple maps. Also, Android Auto restricts drivers in the name of safety: for example, the usual applications will not be available while driving, and in the player, you will see a limited list of songs or albums. Apple CarPlay displays more apps and content on the screen – inexplicably, the multimedia system cares less about the safety of the driver behind the wheel, without limiting him in the use of functions. In both systems, you can put the necessary program icons on the main screen.

There are noticeably fewer apps in CarPlay and can only be installed from the App Store

It is important to note that the advantage of Android Auto is in a large number of applications, as well as in the presence of Google Assistant instead of Siri. As expected, programs can be installed from other sources, including various Internet radio stations, as well as podcasts and audiobooks. The CarPlay interface, in turn, works much smoother, and in the system itself, errors are extremely rare: the bug that was noticed in iOS 15 was quickly fixed.

Analogue of Android Auto

In general, the niche of multimedia systems can hardly be called particularly profitable, so except for Google and Apple, there is almost no one there. There is a good analogue of the head unit from Yandex – the Yandex.Auto system. Previously, the Russian multimedia system could be installed instead of other operating systems, but due to the high competition and “dampness” of the product, the company decided to stop pre-installing the OS from Yandex in the head unit of the car.

Yandex.Auto is more familiar to the user, but does not work as well as its counterparts

So after connecting the smartphone there is an opportunity to choose between it and Android Auto. In Yandex.Auto, familiar applications and even the voice assistant Alice are available. You can easily meet such an operating system in car-sharing rental cars, but the same navigator will work if you have a subscription to Yandex.Plus.

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