YouTube has reactions to the video: just like in Telegram

About a month ago, the developers of the YouTube video service officially confirmed that in the near future they plan to implement and test the function of reactions in the form of an emoji tied to a certain time on the video. And just a couple of weeks after this information, some users really have the function of reactions on certain videos, although, of course, it is still difficult to call the innovation massive. The fact is that at the moment it is not entirely clear how widely the developers have implemented this feature – users on the network report a new panel of reactions extremely rarely.

The very ability to put a reaction to a specific moment on the video appears in the form of a floating panel when the comments section is expanded. The user can open the panel to access four emoticons, which the user can use to demonstrate his attitude toward the content. And these reactions will be displayed on the timeline, showing what exactly viewers think about this or that piece of content. But it is worth noting that there is no identification of users – the reactions are simply displayed on the timeline, but it is impossible to find out who exactly put them.

Instead, you can see emoticons and counters with a demonstration of what reactions and how many times were involved by users in this video. Unfortunately, the developers of the video service reported that now they are testing the function on a small number of channels and among a certain audience of users. This means that in some regions, most likely, you will not be able to notice emoticons on the timeline. But if the function is already being tested so actively, then perhaps shortly it will be available to more people from all over the world.

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