IQOO 10 and 10 Pro is already in the air: names and chipsets revealed

After a wave of presentations dedicated to the Neo 6 e 6 SE, this is the time for iQOO to get serious again with the next flagships. The new leak is the first sign regarding the iQOO 10 e 10 Pro, which as we know will also find the latest Snapdragon 8+ 1st generation chipset.

in 10 and 10 Pro coming soon with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

iqoo 10 pro confirms chipset name leaked 2

The picture around the new top of the Vivo sub-brands range is a bit half-hearted, as it is clear up to a point. I mean, through the brand, we know we’re going to find it. Snapdragon 8+ 1st generation to move the new flagships, which, however, in itself does not name directly in its teaser. It’s clear, however, that they couldn’t have done anything other than that, given that the brand now carries two sets of flagships a year.

The above is confirmed, although it is leaked, through some lines of code containing the iQOO 10 e 10 Pro nomenclature, complete with model numbers. The first is referred to as I Live V2217A and the second as V2218A. In short, we could also define it as a kind of “Pulcinella” secret.

The real question to ask is: When will the new iQOO be available? The speech to be delivered is related to how the brand wants to frame the two smartphones. If you want to aim for June 18 2022a kind of Chinese Black Friday, then most likely we will see them in early June. If, on the other hand, you want to keep an eye on this date, then it will most likely come by July. In short, to learn more, we need to wait a little longer, but in the meantime, we already know that they won’t arrive too late.

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