Fire-Bolt Talk 2 was issued at a smaller price in India. 3000 rupees to buy.

Fire Talk 2 Smartwatch has been released in India. You can buy new smart software devices that can be from Amazon India. Fire-Bolt recently launched the latest smartwatch called Talk 2 in India. This year, the brand has actively launched its products in India. Remember that last week, this company launched Smart Fire Bolt Tornado in India. Earlier this month, Fire-Bolt introduced the NINJA 3 Smart Watch in Japan.       

Currently, this brand has launched the Fire-Bolt Talk 2 SmartWatch in India. It is noteworthy that this is a budget proposal of the fire brigade. Fire-Bolt Talk 2 supports voice assistants. There is also a very attractive round screen. It also has built-in games and more than 60 sports modes. Smartwatch is proud to have functions focusing on impressive health. For example, a heart rate sensor is attached.

Triple X Fire Bolt Talk 2 is sold in India and is sold for less than 3,000 INR. You can also buy the latest Fire-Bolt smartwatch in January 2499. Fire-Bolt Talk 2 was also first sold in India at 12 pm. EDT. You can buy it on Amazon India. You can also choose from many colour options. This includes green, rose gold, blue, white and black. As the name suggests, Fire-Bolt Talk 2 supports the Bluetooth call function.

Fire-Bolt Talk 2 launched in India               

Fire-Bolt’s new smartwatch is integrated with a microphone and Bluetooth calls. To do this, you need to connect the clock to the smartphone. Once the two devices are paired, they can respond or refuse to call directly from the clock. However, you need to make sure that the device is in Bluetooth. The clock has a speed rotation pad. It is also related and is a function to check the latest calls. The smart wear device is equipped with a 1.28 -inch diagonal circular screen.

The screen of the Fire Fire-Bolt Talk 2 supports a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. There are also two winding buttons on the side. This button is very convenient to explore the user interface. In addition, you can use them to call voice assistants or access menus. Smartwatches have durable metal cases. You can use the SPO2 screen to monitor the oxygen level of the user’s blood. In addition, a heart rate monitor 24 hours a day is provided. The clock also supports sleep monitoring and meditation.

Talk 2 also supports more than 60 sports modes. You can also monitor the same activity as the number of calories that burn remotely and moves remotely. You can use the integrated audio assistant to do the same task. There are also many integrated games such as Flappy Bird and 2048 copy. In particular, you can play this game offline. The watch is an IP68 that is evaluated for dust and water. Details of battery capacity and charging speed are still small.

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