The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 receives the pro function and temperature measurement.   

device manufacturers are becoming more difficult to surprise us with something. We have already achieved the measure of demand if even the appearance of an EKG does not fear on a small clock. This is largely due to the manufacturers who constantly offer something new in the competition or transform the old into a good marketing layer and sell us again. At the bottom of all this, information about really new functions is sometimes lost. So this time it could be, but we will not allow you to go through the new Watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, although it is used for the first time in a mass quality product.

The new clock will certainly be round. 

What will the new Galaxy Watch be 5?

A current beta update of the Samsung Health application has confirmed that the Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in two variants a temperature sensor. Something similar has already been implemented in some models of portable devices. Among them, there were even low Chinese models. But the mass technology did not become and it is the introduction of a new Samsung clock that can change this matter.   

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according to a screenshot published by a Reddit user, the Samsung Health application “Haut temperature in sleep” after the beta update. As the name suggests, this feature can be used to track the skin temperature during the sleep cycle. The temperature sensor function was a surprise since it was previously reported that Samsung was still far ago in the development of technologies to determine the body’s parameters, despite the ability to determine the body indices in the fourth generation. Therefore, it was considered unlikely that the company would start this function for future watches.

temperature measurement!

As it is referred to as the new Samsung Watch.            

separately confirmed the beta update of the health application the names of Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and indicated that there will be no model called “Classic” this year. Previously, the information about the names of the new clock has reached the web, especially our 9to5google colleagues. The publication has shared a screenshot that shows data from Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but the classic model we are already used to.

If you think this information should not be believed, since it came out of nowhere, then they are wrong. There are already cases in which such indications resulted in the function that was used. This is not the first time that the Korean conglomerate uses its health application to present a new product. Maybe even deliberately to arouse interest. Last year the mentions of Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic appeared about a month before the official debut of these devices in the software for the health monitoring of the company.         

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro specifications.

is too early to talk about precise specifications, but several pieces of information show that the Galaxy Watch 5 will probably be available in 40 mm and 42 mm sizes, while the professional will probably be in a single size. Of the additional functions that the Pro version can offer, it is worth mentioning to observe the Titan box and the sapphire crystal. They will make the body more durable and premium than the usual model. For this reason, the PRO version is, of course, more expensive than usual. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also expected to be equipped with a large battery capacity of 572 mAh.                                                                 

So far we can only say about the new Galaxy Watch that will be great.

When the new Samsung smartwatch is released.                  

Samsung has not yet made any official statement about the next smartwatch. We hope that the next Galaxy Watch 5 Series will begin in August. Although rumours about the lack of components indicate that we can observe mass delays in the presentations. Even if it is carried out in the first half of August at the previously planned time, it is most likely that the company cannot meet mass demand at the beginning of sales. Would you buy one? Share your opinion.                                                                 

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