So you can find out to which version of Android your Xiaomi smartphone will be updated

Information about which version of Android the smartphone will be updated to is of interest to many users.

Those who continue to use the old model of the smartphone, first of all, should find out whether the EOS stage has been reached, which means “end of support”. If you don’t, one day your phone will just stop working. You can find the necessary information on the official page of the company Xiaomi Security Center.

On the page, click on the smartphones section and from there we already get to the page where the Xiaomi and Redmi models are collected, which are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

To view information on future updates, go to the Update Details tab. On the page that opens, you need to select the current month and click the Go button. Although there is the fifth month in the drop-down list you can see information for a maximum of April of the current year. The team of “renovators” is working with a lag of 1 month.

After selecting the month and receiving the information, we go down the page, where we see a list of devices that will soon receive the Android security patch, which means the continuation of their support.

Not find your smartphone in this extensive list, do not be alarmed. This only suggests that its new firmware is under development.

The third, far right tab called AER Information will help you find out which version of Android your smartphone will be updated too.

For example, the information for my Redmi 9T smartphone is as follows:

  • renewal period: 90 days;
  • release date: 2020-12;
  • security patch: 2023-12;
  • Future OS version: Android 12;
  • Current OS version: Android 11.

So my smartphone is now running Android 11. It will receive an update to a maximum of Android 12. It will have Android security support until December 2023.

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