Samsung Pay stopped working on smartphones, not Samsung. Will the watch remain without payments?

Branded payment system Samsung Pay has ceased to work on devices, not from Samsung – this is written by numerous users on Reddit and the official forum of the company. According to the owners, Samsung technical support reported that the payment service has become exclusive to the company’s gadgets. Nevertheless, there are still no official reports, and the situation itself is more like an error. This is reported by the profile publication SamMobile.

Samsung Pay is in demand, even despite the existence of the standard Android payment system Google Pay – including thanks to Samsung smartwatches. They support only the Samsung Pay payment system, which is why the owners of smartphones not from the South Korean corporation have to install a proprietary application to activate NFC payment from the watch.

SamMobile is sure that this is more like a mistake, and the information from technical support is incorrect – if Samsung refused to open up its payment system, it would have warned about it in advance. In addition, this change would certainly reduce the popularity of both Samsung Pay and the brand’s wearable electronics.

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