10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

Slowing down makes the video more detailed, and the video itself is much more interesting to watch. Like any other effects, slowing down can be done using a special program.

The following applications are used by fans of Smartphones on Android.

1. InShot Video Editor

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

Here we have one of the most popular and, that puts it in the first place of the collection, universal applications in the Google Play list. The application has a function that allows you to adjust the speed of the video – due to it it will be possible to achieve a slowdown of up to 0.2x. This effect can be combined with others, for example, by adding filters (or emoticons, effects, text), freezing, connecting different videos, as well as overlaying music on top of the edited video sequence.

2. Power Director

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

Initially, this program was developed by CyberLink for video editing on Windows, but soon we got a great version of the application for the Android smartphone. The application not only allows you to slow down the frames but also offers a section of tutorials – this will help you get used to and understand the interface. In addition to all sorts of effects, like InShot Video Editor, Power Director allows you to import videos from Google Drive.

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3. Quik

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

This is an app from GoPro with many video editing features, many of which are free for users. You can slow down the video yourself or choose one of 23 themes (Smart Cuts function) – this is an automatic adjustment of the graphics in the video to make it more interesting to watch. As for the versatility of this video editor, frames can be cropped, rotated, reordered, or chosen in the layout you want for the video clip. It is possible to add GPS stickers or use the built-in library of tracks.

4. VideoShow

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

The number of users of the application is about 5 million people, and the estimate on Google Play is 4.6 stars. You can not just create a slow-motion effect, but also use the reverse play effect in slow motion. In addition to the versatile features that VideoShow has the same as other apps in this collection, you can control the audio speed within the video.

5. Funimate

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

The app has classic editing features like cutting and merging the frames you want into a video. It’s also easy to create short videos with effects (transitions, animations, filters, and animated texts) – rather, it’s a format for social networks like TikTok. Funimate offers video slowdown and over a hundred different effects.

6. FilmoraGo

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

A free application from Wondershare Technology, which, in addition to editing, provides soundtracks and sound effects to overlay them on top of the frames. It’s also easy to create slow-motion videos using the built-in speed adjustment feature and perform smooth editing, with clip sequence control. Organize, trim and divide where needed!

7. Efectum

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

Before us is a relatively young project in the app store, compared to the already named applications of our selection. The application was created taking into account the adjustment of the video speed, which allows it to compete with the rest. On the other hand, it will be possible to create videos with accelerated movements, also rewind, and make interval videos – all of this is adjustable for speed. Efectum contains 70 video filters.

8. Film Maker Pro

10 Best Apps to Create Slow Motion Videos on Android

Judging by the name of this application, can we expect more from it? And this is confirmed: the application has all the functions for editing. The built-in speed control tool allows you to create slow-motion or, conversely, accelerated videos with reverse playback and cinematic effects of the frame-by-frame shooting. It is important to note that in this application there is the ability to create a blurred background and add several layers of effects. Inside 100 tracks to use.

9. Videoshop Video Editor

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Videoshop Video Editor, like other video editors in this collection, allows you to crop the video and overlay music on top of the frames. You can use a voice tool to create a slow-motion video, but this is only possible when using the paid version.

10. Slow Motion Video FX

And here is your icing on the cake at the end of the collection – an application created specifically to slow down the videos. Unlike other videos, here you can adjust the speed of individual fragments, and not the entire video sequence. The only drawback is the lack of the ability to export videos in HD format in the free version. But you always have the opportunity to buy the premium version and enjoy all the benefits.

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