Xiaomi continues to improve batteries and charging speed

At the moment, the company’s engineers are working on the development of a new controller, which is responsible for the battery in the smartphone and managing the charging process.

Xiaomi continues to improve batteries and charging speed

Xioami4mi reports that we are talking about the controller of the second generation, which will replace the current Surge P1.

It is he who is responsible for ensuring that the smartphone can work at maximum frequencies, quickly charge from the network, adequately consume battery power and not overheat.

The new chip is called Surge G1, as reported by insider @kacskrz. Mentions of the new controller have already been found in the MIUI firmware code.

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It is assumed that its use will also be able to increase the performance of the autonomous operation of the brand’s devices.

The first models of smartphones with a new controller we can see at the end of this year. It may debut in the smartphone Mi 13.

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