Mid-range smartphone: what is good, what is not in it and which model is good?

We have repeatedly discussed the trend in which years of competition between manufacturers have led to the fact that the user received branded functions in medium and even budget smartphones.

Mid-range smartphone: what is good, what is not in it and which model is good?

Thus, the financial delimiter in the field of device functionality is almost erased. Of the difference between the flagships and the middle (for what exactly we pay money), we have a super-premium camera (because the super camera is already in the middle), a powerful chip and corporate design, built-in RAM, and high-quality finishing materials. Well, the husk in the style of the image, the loud name of the manufacturer, the excitement from the release of a new cool model – which is not all.

As a result, a huge layer of potential buyers chooses the middle segment of smartphones, believing that they will receive all the necessary functions in the phone cheaper. That’s right, folks! But at the same time, there is no clear definition of what the middle class is, although we believe that this is a category of gadgets for 20-30 thousand rubles.

What factors to consider when buying a mid-range smartphone?

First, decide on your priorities. For example, if you need a smartphone for simple everyday tasks (sending SMS in instant messengers, etc.), then a relatively inexpensive device will satisfy you in full. But a gamer who wants to spend a smaller amount and then use a poor device at the level of a “gaming smartphone” contradicts himself. Yes, the average level pulls games, but very light – here and with overheating for once problems will arise. A screen with a low refresh rate is unlikely to visually please the gamer in the gameplay.

You will also have to manoeuvre between the size and type (display technology) of the display, the appearance of the case (rounded corners or angular case), the processor, the amount of memory, battery life, etc.

And remember that each superior feature in the device can be embodied by taking into account the savings on the other – these are compromises that need to be made.

What will not be in the mid-level smartphone and what will be in it, on the contrary?

So, despite the seepage of high-end features into the average price (for example, back in 2020, devices for $ 500 did not offer us 5G), there is still some difference. It is fragile and melts every year like March snow, but still…

Now average devices may not provide you with wireless charging, better performance (average smartphones have a hard time coping with multitasking), a better camera with excellent artificial intelligence, or a screen with a high and adaptive refresh rate. Also, incredible durability. Who remembers the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tests? It was scratched, bent, drowned, and crossed by a car.

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Although there are things that, on the contrary, we can only get with a mid-range smartphone. Unexpected and nice, right? These brands of flagships will not provide us: with a full delivery set with a charging box and a silicone case, a connector for wired headphones, and a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh.

As for the battery, flagships prefer a thin sleek body – it simply does not go well with the 5000 mAh battery, which makes the case slightly thick. And another fascinating trend: middlings often surpass flagships in display size, for some reason.

Also, medium devices have a brighter, variegated, eye-tearing design – here fantasies can say “Walk around, soul!”. And manufacturers like Samsung or Apple for their flagships use a minimalistic and proprietary design for this line – it is recognizable in public and period!

And now we offer to consider several average models and analyze their characteristics.

According to Engadget, the best mid-range Android is the Pixel 5a with 5G, the only mid-range with iOS is the iPhone SE, the phone with the best display is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, and the super-budget option with 5G is the OnePlus Nord N200 5G.

1. Pixel 5a with 5G

Mid-range smartphone: what is good, what is not in it and which model is good?

For $450, you’ll get the best cameras in this segment, as Google has tremendous experience in the field of photography. Other advantages include a 4680 mAh battery (the smartphone easily withstands the whole day of work), IP67 rating (protection of the case from moisture and dust), and early receipt of updates from the brand (before the rest of Android). But the Snapdragon 765G chipset is slightly outdated, and many may not go boring model design. But let’s not forget that the release of pixel 6a for $ 449 is not far off.

2. iPhone SE

Mid-range smartphone: what is good, what is not in it and which model is good?

$600 and a purebred American in your hands! If you close your eyes to some of the features and remember the folk wisdom that it is not the size that is important, but the ability to use, then the 5.4 inches of its display will easily be eclipsed by the A15 Bionic SE processor, which makes the iPhone SE the fastest of these four phones. In addition, the brand has been supporting its smartphones for an incredibly long time after their release. However, there are drawbacks: its screen is not just small, it is also outdated, IPS instead of OLED – we get a shallow black colour. And its appearance in the Paleozoic era (the prototype is the iPhone 6) leaves a rough imprint on the design – thick frames.

3. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Mid-range smartphone: what is good, what is not in it and which model is good?

Put $450 on the table and get the best display from the god Olipma for creating screens – Samsung. The screen of this model gets 6.5 inches, Super AMOLED, 120 Hz. The other outstanding features: are a 5000 mAh battery and a universal camera system. But alas, he is not so fast at work.

4. OnePlus Nord N200 5G

Mid-range smartphone: what is good, what is not in it and which model is good?

If you compare the price of OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE, then such phones, Nord N200, you can buy as many as 3 copies! Thus, to provide the average static cell of society with gadgets. What does it offer? 5000 mAh, refresh rate 90 Hz, 5G. But there is a bold but: Snapdragon 480 and a paltry 4 GB of RAM, and the camera gives up in poor lighting.

This is a great example of the fact that mid-range phones force you to compromise and sacrifice something.

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