The new beta version of Android 13 showed what the easter egg will be this time

Any operating system will be boring if the developers do not want to fool around a little nicer. When something like an Easter egg appears in it, familiar to us from Android, it becomes an event that is interesting to everyone. But it is the annual appearance of Easter eggs that make us wait for them, and developers – more and more seriously take their work and come up with something new. In this case, there is no place to “fool around” and they have to work. Usually, a game or a small built-in application appears closer to the final version. And so it was this time. Now we know what kind of Easter egg will be in Android 13.

Android 13 beta 3.3 brings us not only stable performance but also Easter eggs.

The new beta version of Android 13

The release version of Android 13, which at first will only be available on Google Pixel phones, is getting closer. And this means that the next beta version brings us not only routine updates but also new features, the main of which was Easter eggs.

Now we are talking about Android 13 beta 3.3. This year, Google relies heavily on Emoji. The Easter Egg itself shows users a large number of familiar Unicode characters located throughout the screen.

How to Run Easter Egg in Android 13

The new version of Android 13 beta 3.3 is available only to users of Google Pixel smartphones. However, if you have one of them and you’re installing a beta version, you can check out how it works for yourself. Just go to Settings > About Phone and then tap the Android version number a few times until you see the clock.

Once you see the clock, move the minute and hour hands to the hour of the day. Once you do, you’ll see a bunch of bubbles that match the colour scheme of your wallpaper. Tap and hold one of the circles and watch them turn into different emojis.

That means we got more than just a universal image. Everyone will see something different depending on the settings of their phone.

Although this Easter egg is very funny and not so easy to implement, it seems a bit weak by Google standards. The company has taught us more. At least for now, it seems that way. The fact is that this is similar to the primary part of the built-in game or application. Usually, after everything is done correctly in the first part, the second part should appear, but it is not there yet. However, it is too early to say that it will not happen.

What Easter eggs were in Android before

For example, in the Android 12 Easter egg, the second part was a cute widget that allowed you to have fun playing around with a palette of colors. Perhaps we will see some kind of sequel in the next beta launch. But there is another option – it may be the end and nothing else will be shown to us. This option is rather strange, but it cannot be ruled out. However, Easter eggs usually appear gradually in beta versions, and most likely we will see something else in new betas. In order not to miss their release and lists of devices on which they can be installed, subscribe to our telegram news channel.

Easter eggs have been around on Android for a very long time. You can read more about what they were in this material. Each time they were something interesting. Although I must admit that it was not without outright failures when nothing was interesting.

More often than not, the Easter egg was a small game. It was simple, but sometimes it was very addictive. There have been cases where they have repeated or even set trends for smartphone games that have been downloaded from app stores tens of millions of times. In the days of Android dessert names, they often reflected the essence of the name by visualizing it.

We’re all looking forward to something new from Android 13, but there won’t be much change this year.

It is noteworthy that the Easter egg is not a thing that has yet to be found. But that’s the point of it. They are always launched in one way – by repeatedly tapping on the Android version in the settings. So Easter eggs turned from something hidden, interesting and unusual into a given. But that didn’t make them any less intriguing.

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New Features in Android 13 Beta 3.3

  • Fixed an issue with the Pixel Launchpad that caused the keyboard to display incorrectly. This happened if the “Always show keyboard” option was enabled for the app bar and the user closed the app bar and opened the app folder on the home screen
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the system user interface to crash during the return gesture
  • Fixed an issue where devices could not connect to a Wi-Fi network even if the network was available and the signal strength was good
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after connecting a charging device (for example, overnight) it would stop responding until it rebooted
  • Fixed kernel issue with lib/list_debug.c, which caused crashes on some devices
  • Fixed an issue with Connectivity Thermal Power Manager that sometimes caused slow UI rendering, application freezes, and poor battery performance

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