How to speed up MIUI 13?

If you are the owner of a budget Xiaomi smartphone, then you probably notice sometimes slow operation of the device: web pages, applications and games are not loaded well. This is due to not having the strongest hardware because simpler phones are not equipped as thoroughly as the flagships. But this does not matter, because with simple actions you can increase the speed of MIUI at home.

Enable memory expansion

This action will significantly speed up the operation of your smartphone. Earlier, we released a whole article on how to expand RAM on Xiaomi. Follow our simple instructions and you will succeed.

Enable automatic cache clearing

The full cache of your device significantly “slows down” it. Enabled but unused apps, temporary files, and site data all prevent you from enjoying the fast operation of your smartphone.

In order not to clear the cache manually every time, we recommend setting up automatic cache clearing.

So, what needs to be done. Go to “Settings” – “Power and performance”. Click on the wheel, and select the tab“Clear memory” -“After 1 minute”. Now, each time you lock the screen, the cache is automatically cleared.

Block ads in system apps

Ads that you may see in some system apps significantly consume your smartphone’s hardware resources. Knowing about this problem, Xiaomi left a loophole for blocking ads, making it optional. To disable ads, you need to set up a private DNS.

Go to “Settings” – “Connection and sharing” – “Private DNS”. In the line “Hostname” enter “”. That’s it, the ad has disappeared.

Disable system animation

System animation also affects the speed of your budget smartphone. To disable it, you need to select the “Advanced Features” tab and “Delete animations”. Now the smartphone should work faster.

Don’t clog up your internal storage

The amount of free space in the internal storage of a smartphone can also affect the speed of the device. Therefore, you should carefully filter the amount of data, photos, videos, and memes with cats that are stored on your device. You can save all unnecessary information to an external storage device or cloud.

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